What is a Copyright Infringement Disclaimer?

A copyright infringement disclaimer is a legal document that declares that a work is protected. It may appear on a website, in an image or video, or even in an audio file. It states that the work has been copyrighted and you are requesting permission before using it. The disclaimer also goes by another name, such as a fair use disclaimer. In some cases, a disclaimer is an absolute requirement to use a work on a website.

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A copyright disclaimer should clearly state that the content on the website is protected by copyright laws. Most copyright disclaimers are accompanied by the copyright symbol, which ensures that the copyright is valid worldwide. If the disclaimer is on a physical medium, you can verify its validity by writing down the year of publication. For example, some websites may state that their content was published in 2013; others may give a range of years.

The disclaimer must state that the work contains copyrighted materials and that the user does not have the right to use the material. The disclaimer should also state the name of the copyright owner, description of the copied work, and quantum of copyrighted work used. The disclaimer does not have to be signed or notarized. Its content should be displayed in a prominent place where it is easily accessible to readers.

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