The Case For Ethereum As a Digital Currency

As of this writing, there is a compelling case for Ethereum as a software platform. Its recent growth has been a testament to its high demand, and its lower transaction fees are making it the most attractive choice for companies and organizations seeking to build their own digital currency. This is particularly important given the high number of competitors, many of which are in the same hypergrowth stage as Ethereum. But is this enough to justify the price of Ethereum?

The value of Ethereum comes from the fact that it can be used for a range of applications, from governance to new markets and incentive structures. In addition to these, developers see its future in smart contracts. They are creating protocols and dApps to make the network usable at a large scale. However, there is an even bigger case for Ethereum: it will become the de facto medium of exchange for most businesses. This will drive the value of the currency higher as it becomes more accepted net worth.

While some people claim that Bitcoin is safer than Ethereum, it is still not entirely safe. Many Ethereum developers have been criticized for developing faulty smart contracts. In fact, the Ethereum instruction set is Turing-complete, whereas Bitcoin has no such feature. This means that Ethereum can be considered as much more secure than Bitcoin, even though Bitcoin is whitelisted some basic smart contracts as op codes. This means that Bitcoin will likely never achieve the capabilities of Ethereum trendingbird.

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