The Backbone of the Society

A backbone is the most important part of an organization or group of people. For instance, education is the backbone of a nation, because without it, a country can’t grow. The concept of a worldnewshunt backbone comes from the backbone in living creatures. Trees, for example, cannot keep their heads straight and upright without a backbone. Another example is the ability to eloquently express oneself. This is an exceptional skill and often, a skill that can be acquired only through experience.

The Philippines also has a amazinginfo Muslim educational system. Islamic education is taught at madrasahs. These institutions have historically relied on support from local and foreign donors. They are now considered an integral part of the Philippine educational system. This system is the thewebgross oldest in Mindanao and is regarded as an essential factor in preserving the Islamic faith in the Philippines.

There is a compulsory magazineweb360 curriculum for junior high school students. The Department of Education specifies a core curriculum that includes five core subjects for grade seven. These subjects include Filipino literature, Asian studies, English literature, and World History. Students are fotolognews also required to learn about the arts and physical education, and many other subjects.

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