Importance of Fashion

Fashion is an industry that produces clothing for the mass market. It is a huge business that satisfies a human newsurl need for consumption. The desire to buy and wear something is hard-wired into our nature. Consequently, clothing became mass produced in standard sizes and sold at fixed prices.

In many cultures, fashion is newsglo associated with a class-based, insular aesthetic elite. The elite is usually rich and is responsible for creating the most desirable looks. The industry includes designers and haute couturiers. People also use fashion as a vehicle to express themselves and their opinions.

Fashion shows became extremely popular in the 1980s. For instance, in 1984, Thierry Mugler staged a huge pseudo catwalk show at the Zenith stadium in Paris. The event attracted over 6,000 spectators. Another famous fashion show was Yves Saint Laurent’s retrospective couture savetoby collection that took place after the 1998 World Cup Final in Paris. It was seen by an estimated one billion people worldwide.

The purpose of a fashion show has changed over the years. In the past, they were meant to showcase new webvan designs and encourage wealthy clients to buy them. Today, their purpose has shifted and high-budget fashion shows are often used for profit, art, and social media. Designers have tried to hide their commercial intentions by creating lavish shows that entice viewers and buyers alike.

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