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When you think of the wolverine, images of blue and orange mane, large eyes and a throat like a meat cleaver come to mind. However, this is not always the case—when we think of the wolverine, we usually think of its icy nature. However, this also does not mean that all wolveurs are ice or cold-blooded mammals. If you’ve ever met one, you know they’re warm-blooded animals! Many wolverines are friendly toward their kitties too. :3 Luckily for us humans, there are many smaller species of wolverine out there that aren’t scary at all! Check out these 10 lesser-known species of wolverine and find out if you have any in your home:

Short-eared Owl

In this species of wolverine, the short, short-nosedear, and short-nosedale breeds. These are the most common species and there are probably hundreds of different sub-brains. The short-eared is actually the most closely related to the East or domestic species of wolverine.

Short-nosed Owl

The short-nosed owl is one of the least-known species of wolverine. It is a member of the vocalor family and is only found in the Arctic and Antarctic regions. It is scavenger, not primary, and is the only known species of wolverine to feed on insects during the winter powerful idea.

Brown Bear

The brown bear is also called the northernmost bear and is the most northern species of wolverine. The name is ultimately a reference to its large, brownish eyes and a brownish fur, which can get very thick on the head. In this species of wolverine, the color of the fur appears to depend on the seasons and is often a vibrant reddish or orange color.


The mink is the smallest of the wolverine species and it is found in the tropical regions of the world. The mink is a omnivore and is very food-igorous species and is therefore one of the most threatened species of wolverine. This species is found in forests and open forest areas and it is very often seen in the lagoons, rivers, and wetlands of tropical regions.

American Black Bear

The American black bear is also called the eastern black bear and is the most widespread of all the bear species in the Americas. This species is found in Asia, Africa, South America, and is listed as an endangered species. The American black bear is the only species in the genus Capreolus and it is only found in Asia and the northernmost parts of EuropeWorldkingnews .

Oto elephantfrog

The oto elephant frog is only found in the eastern parts of South America and the tropical parts of Africa. It is the only species in the genus Phyllonorycter and it is found in tropical and sub-tropical regions.

Northern Gray Squirrel

This is a North American species of North American squirrel, a small but extremely fascinating rodent! The northern grey Squirrel is only found near the northern parts of the USA and Canada and is one of only three species of North American squirrels that are endemic to that part of the world. The other two species are the southern grey squirrel and eastern grey squirrel.

Bearded Dragon

This species of Asian dragon is only found in the regions of Japan, China, and Vietnam and is listed as a species of conservation note. The bearded dragon is listed as a vulnerable species and its range has been reduced by 90% in recent decades due to fishing and habitat loss.

Summing up

The wolverine is a cold-blooded animal that lives in forests and mountains. It is the most threatened species of mammal in the world and is in danger of extinction. We are lucky enough to have a few species of wolverine that are very close to home and are a real treat to look at in the wild mixx.

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